September  19th - October 1st  2011
workshop of performative self-construction

2 weeks of full immersion at Casa dell'Architettura di Roma

Paolo  Cascone introduces the Eco_logic Habitat Workshop

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High-tech design / low-tech-constructionGiven the urgent need for a sustainable design able to respond to emergency conditions (social/environmental) this workshop is a concrete opportunity for building a scale 1 to 1 prototype of an eco_logic habitat. The design to manufacture process intends to speculate on temporary and environmentally responsive architectural solutions using low-tech and fast deployment construction techniques.

Thanks to  Paolo Cascone's innovative approach  in the field of ecological design and the 30 years experience of self-construction projects in Africa of  Fabrizio Carola,  this workshop proposes a new way to bridge high-tech design process and low-tech construction.

This workshop will involve both students and tutors on a two phases project: phase 1 / studio based (parametric modelling and environmental simulations) and phase 2 / self-construction based. This with the aim to explore the cause-effect relations between the material system and its performances according to programmatic and spatial needs.

The construction of the  scale 1 to 1 eco_logic habitat prototype will be  the output of the environmental parametric design master class directed by Paolo Cascone with the aim of unifying theory with  practice  trough a self-construction experience. The final prototype will be realised in the garden of the House of Architecture in Rome, the opening of the installation will be the 1st of  October with a ceremony open to the public.


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